Film Launch

    Wed Dec 8
    6 pm
    SIA Gallery, Old Head Post Office…/prologueepilogue-film…

Prologue/Epilogue by Carolyn Waudby and Diana Scarborough
An emerging collaboration with a poet and a multimedia artist

Meet Cambridge-based multimedia artist Diana Scarborough and Sheffield poet-journalist Carolyn Waudby at the beginning of their collaboration. In their Artists’ Talk they will share the practices and ideas behind the experimental work Prologue/Epilogue as a first glimpse into their cross-discipline ‘entanglement’. Sharing common themes of time, place and ecology with a mutual passion towards the surreal, the abstract and the power of juxtaposition, both are thrilled to be exploring the cross-discipline possibilities of co-creation.
Shown as two sequential short films, the differences between them are minimal . It becomes an exploration on the impact that shifting the background animation and soundscape has on narrative or mood when the text is the same. This is part of a larger body of work that Waudby created during lockdown and continues to create – imaginative journeys around the planet including extreme environments such as the Namibian desert and the Veryovkina cave in Georgia.
Scarborough imagines Prologue/Epilogue could work as 2- screen art installation with text (as sound or visual), animation and music and perhaps even interactive soundscapes. This film is already a catalyst for new thinking for both of them. What is clear from the outset is that Waudby and Scarborough are collaborating as creative equals intending to create new experimental works that can be festival, exhibition or performance ready for 2022 and beyond.
The artist talk is a glimpse into the working process and minds of two creatives from different disciplines but conceptually linked at the very beginning of their collaborative journey.
Each will share their collaborative practices, the story behind Prologue/Epilogue and their future intentions.
There will be plenty of opportunities to ask your own questions, although the poet and the artist have many of their own!

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